Common Loon

Red Fox

Algonquin Park is host to a wonderful variety of wild animals including moose, deer, wolves, foxes, bears, raccoons, lynx and squirrels. There are 53 species of mammal, 31 species of reptile and amphibian, 54 species of fish, 7000 species of insect to spot!

The Park is also home to more than 270 species of birds. The Common Loon, the provincial bird, may be seen at many times of year. Characterized by their black and white appearance and bright red eyes, these birds have a songbook full of haunting calls and yodels that carry over long distances. According to Chippewa native mythology, the Common Loon created the World.

Wolf howling is a popular pursuit in the Park. Wolves will respond to human calling, with a little practice. Making little or no other noise wolf howlers should move to a location away from cars and buildings. Then in intervals of approximately 30 seconds, a howl should be given, each group member calling in sequence. Sometimes, group calling may also be effective. Wolf howls raise deep emotions, and the response from a large wolf pack can be an unforgettable experience.


Ground hog