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Algonquin Park

Observatory visitors may also enjoy facilities and services provided for daily users of the Park. There are many things to do in Algonquin Park. The Park has developed facilities and services for swimming, picnicking, biking and cross-country skiing. Horseback riding and dog sledding are also offered on an occasional basis. 

The more adventurous will enjoy hiking one of the 15 self-guided, well marked trails, each of which is designed to explore a different aspect of the Algonquin environment and vegetation. At each trailhead there is an interpretive guide booklet showing the trail’s points of interest. Or you may bring your own mountain bike or hire one to follow two bicycle paths--one the Minnesing trail, the other at Mew Lake. 

You will enjoy seeing the wildlife--moose, fox, deer, loons, turtles and ducks in their natural setting. Visit the Algonquin Logging Museum or tour the Visitor Center where there are regular programs for children, a bookstore, and an observation deck providing a panorama of the landscape. Canoe on some of Algonquin’s tranquil waters. There are canoe trips for short journeys or several days, complete with guide. You may also hire the services of a local guide who will take you for a great day out fishing. 

Bait and tackle for fishing can be obtained at the Portage Store, but live bait is prohibited in the Park. The park is readily accessible from one of 29 access points. Visitors must purchase daily use permits to use the Park from the Sand gate entrance.