Canoeing and Kayaking

Algonquin is a paradise for paddlers. Observatory visitors may launch our canoes directly from our beach and access Lake Travers, visit the Poplar rapids, Big Thompson dam and rapids. More adventurous paddlers may follow the portage routes along the Petawawa River, following the route of the log drive up until 1945. To the East, visitors may visit the Natch Rapids, where rare ferns grow on spectacular 100 m cliffs. To the West, visitors may access Lake Eustache, Algonquin's deepest lake ringed by 25 m cliffs, and access Lake Lavieille and Radiant Lake. The Park's canoe routes may also be accessed at any one of 29 access points throughout the Park.

For canoe-route information and resources, consult the Ontario Parks Guide to Canoe Routes of Algonquin Provincial Park map or visit Canadian Canoe Routes or the Virtual Algonquin - A Canoe Trippers Guide online.

Our current canoe fleet at the Observatory includes:

2008 15' Ultra-glass Algonquin Prospector canoe in forest green supplied by Holy Cow Canoe Company.
2008 16'3 Super Fiberglass Kevlar reinforced canoe from Beach Marine in Red.
2008 Clearwater Design 12 ft Iqaluit Recreational Kayak in Seafoam Green.